The following was written by Rev. Leonard Sankey.

A wide spectrum of churches, educational institutions, missionary endeavors, and charitable organizations form the body of the Holiness Movement.  It is thoroughly Christian, Bible-based, evangelical in orientation, and dedicated to the principle of holy living.

   Hundreds of churches, located throughout the United States of America, as well as in Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia, are a part of this fellowship.  Interestingly, one of the largest bodies of holiness believers is located in Papua New Guinea; the churches there are launching missionary outreach in a number of nations in the South Pacific.

  Doctrinally, the Holiness Movement accepts and promotes Entire Sanctification as a divinely-bestowed personal experience by which the justified and regenerated believer is cleansed from the nature of sin.  This experience is received by the believer who confesses the carnal traits present in his heart and life, asks God to cleanse the heart, and then is baptized with the Holy Ghost.  This baptism not only confirms the cleansing work of God in the heart, but also empowers the wholly sanctified person to enjoy personal victory over daily sin. 

  The Holiness Movement traces its existence, primarily to the narrative of the New Testament Church as recorded in the Book of Acts. In more recent years, the great reviving of the church under the ministry of John and Charles Wesley in England, and promoted by the early Methodist church, has given renewed impetus to the doctrine, experience, and life of holiness. Today, the Holiness Movement is the prime mover of calling the Church to holiness of heart and life.

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