The Bible Methodist Connection of Churches is a Protestant, Arminian, Evangelical, Wesleyan-Holiness denomination with a rich heritage rooted in the Methodist Movement founded by John Wesley.

The Connection was organized in 1968 by churches that withdrew from the Wesleyan Methodist Connection of America upon its decision to merge with the Pilgrim Holiness Church.

The Bible Methodist Connection has 72 churches in the United States and approximately 100 overseas. The American churches are formed into 4 regional conferences: the Heartland Conference; the Great Lakes Conference; the Southern Conference; and the Southwest Conference. The Regional Conferences work together under the umbrella of a General Connectional Conference.

The General Conference is the legislative body of the General Connection which gathers at least once a quadrennium to conduct its necessary business. By design, the General Connection avoids a centralized form of government, respecting the autonomy of the local churches and Regional Conferences. The Regional Conferences operate 4 family camps and 4 youth camps.

Bible Methodist distinctives include an emphasis on the Wesleyan teaching of entire sanctification as a definite work of the Holy Spirit by which the child of God is cleansed from inherited depravity and empowered for more effective service through faith in Jesus Christ.

Entire sanctification is understood to be subsequent to regeneration and accomplished in a moment of time when the believer presents himself a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. The Spirit-filled believer is thus enabled to love God with an undivided heart. Entire sanctification is both preceded and followed by growth in grace, expressed in advancing Christlikeness.

After entire sanctification, believers grow in grace by responding to the Holy Spirit as He guides them us apply the principles of holiness in all areas of life.


Rev. Blake Jones
General Connectional Chairman

Rev. Jack Hooker
General Connectional Vice-Chairman

Dr. R. G. Hutchison
Director for Bible Methodist Missions

Nathan Brown
Discipleship Director

Rev. Travis Johnson
Editor, The Bible Methodist

Rev. Chris Cravens
President, Heartland Conference

Rev. David Ward
President, Great Lakes Conference

Rev. John Parker
President, Southern Conference

Rev. G. Clair Sams
President, Southwest Conference

Updated 01/31/2024