The Evangelical Methodist Church Conference was birthed in 1927 in central Pennsylvania due to the powerful moving of God’s Spirit in the area. As men and women were converted and churches were formed, it became evident that it was necessary to form a denominational head.

After having chosen several different names during those early years, it was eventually decided to adopt the name of Evangelical Methodist Church which exists to this day. Ninety-six years later the EMCC is still in existence and is still preaching the gospel.

Even though the number of churches has dwindled over the years, there has been a recent rekindling of the passion for each EMCC church to impact the surrounding community with God’s Word and to actively mentor its people to engage in ministry. 

The EMCC’s mission is to raise up pastors who will study and preach the Word of God so that the congregations will spiritually grow: send missionaries to assist in world evangelism: teach children and young people in the principles and commandments of God’s Word so that they are able to build their lives on a solid foundation: evangelize each church’s surrounding community: mentor those called into active ministry so that they are better prepared when they enter their work: and work in unity with other Holiness organizations and denominations to spread Scriptural Holiness around the globe. The Lord has been helping us to do this and we are very excited about what the future holds for the EMCC.


Rev. Brent Lenhart
General Superintendent

Updated 01/31/2024