The Wesleyan Holiness Association of Churches is a nationwide network of local churches, founded August 4, 1959.

Rev. Glenn Griffith, an early conservative holiness leader, was the founder and served as our first General Superintendent. The WHAC has grown to encompass a number of churches, ministers, and laymen all over America, as well as missionaries around the world.

The current General Superintendent is Rev. John R. Brewer and the headquarters is located at Fountain City, Indiana. In conjunction, there are three annual District Conference Camp meetings held across America, and a General Youth Camp. There are also numerous ministerials and district fellowship meetings held for fellowship, evangelism, and spiritual renewal.

The Eleventh Hour Messenger is the official organ published quarterly, for all to read of Association news and spiritual edification. One may subscribe for $10/year at:

Eleventh Hour Messenger
11411 N US Hwy 27,
Fountain City, IN 47341.

We are driven by a large vision of evangelism and winning the lost but have a heart the right size to take personal interest in you and your family! You are invited to attend any one of our churches and grow with us!

Conference phone number: 765-977-7165
Conference email:


Rev. John R. Brewer
General Superintendent

Rev. J. Stevan Manley
Assistant General Superintendent

Updated 02/01/2024